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VA Thank You Letter – August 2023

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Statement from Bill DeSteph (2023 Parade Grand Marshal)

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YMCA Thank You Letter – December 2022

VAMC Thank You Letter – November 2022

City of VB Press Release – Sept 2022

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Diaz Thank You Note – Aug 2022

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Issue Point of Contact Responsible Party Date Required Date Complete Remarks
Inventory Signs for Marching Units Dan Doyle HRCVO 02/01/2022
Inventory Placards for VIP Cars Dan Doyle HRCVO 02/01/2022
Draft Proclamation for Mayors Signature Bob Freitag HRCVO 03/01/2022 01/24/2022
Complete Luncheon Contract Venetta Charles HRCVO 03/15/2022 Finalize Date- and Time.
Grand Marshal Nominations HRCVO 03/26/2022
HRCVO 04/01/2022 (
Order Replacement Parade Signs HRCVO 04/01/2022
Approve Proclamation Bob Freitag SCV 04/01/2022 01/24/2022 Co-Sponsor
Street Construction Update HRCVO 04/01/2022
Submit Flyover Request Bob Freitag HRCVO 04/01/2022
Submit Lead Band Request HRCVO 04/01/2022
Provide Fund Raising Letters HRCVO 04/01/2022
Submit Veterans Day Regional Site Application Teresa Diaz/ Barbara Morrison Virginia Beach 04/01/2022 Bob Freitag support
Confirm Next Year Co-Sponsor HRCVO 04/15/2022 01/24/2022 MOAA - Hampton Roads Chapter
Select Grand Marshal HRCVO 04/24/2022 Nominations Due 25 March
Co-Sponsor select Co-Marshall Co-Sponsor SCV 04/24/2022
Finalize Luncheon Costs HRCVO 05/01/2022
Determine Parade Invitation List HRCVO 05/01/2022
Schedule Proclamation Signings Bob Freitag HRCVO 05/01/2022 Co-Sponsor support required
Determine Parade Coordination Scheme HRCVO 05/01/2022 Need to identify area chairmen: Car Coordinator- Parade Marshals- Show Mobile- Rifle Salute- Luncheon- Logistics
Request Insurance Waiver HRCVO 05/01/2022 Long term waiver provided
Coordinate with Virginia Beach Fine Arts Director regarding High School Bands HRCVO 05/01/2022
Submit Grand Marshal picture and biography for program Bob Freitag Nominating Organization 05/27/2022
Submit Co-Marshal picture and biography for program Co-Sponsor SCV 05/27/2022
Review Parade Budget Mike Maliniak HRCVO 05/27/2022
Coordinate Parade Press Coverage HRCVO 06/01/2022 WTKR Streaming?
Determine VIP Invitation List HRCVO 06/01/2022
Determine Flyover Provider Bob Freitag HRCVO 06/01/2022
Request Parade Permit HRCVO 06/01/2022 Waiver Requested
Mail Standard Group Invitations HRCVO 06/01/2022
Mail VIP Invitations HRCVO 07/01/2022
Request Rifle Salute Mike Maliniak HRCVO 07/01/2022 VB Police Department
Street Construction Update Dan Doyle HRCVO 07/01/2022 Check Height Restrictions (Busses)
Print Luncheon Tickets Venetta Charles HRCVO 07/01/2022
Order Folding Chairs Mike Maliniak HRCVO 07/01/2022 350
Order Golf Carts Mike Maliniak HRCVO 07/01/2022 4
Order Portable Facilities Mike Maliniak HRCVO 07/01/2022 4
Provide Chaplain Info for Ceremony and Luncheon Co-Sponsor SCV 07/24/2022
Finalize Program Layout Bob Freitag HRCVO 07/24/2022 In Progress
Verify Signs for Marching Units Dan Doyle HRCVO 07/24/2022 Poles/Hardware
Verify Placards for VIP Cars Dan Doyle HRCVO 07/24/2022
Approve News Release Dan Doyle HRCVO 07/24/2022
Send News Release Teresa Diaz Virginia Beach 08/15/2022
Coordinate Parade Volunteers Dan Doyle HRCVO 08/15/2022 Parade Marshals (20)- Car Line-up (3)- Car Drop-off (3)- VIP Seating (3)- Setup/Clean up
Set Up meeting with Rec Services Dan Doyle HRCVO 08/15/2022 27 October @ 1:30 PM
Request 10 cases of water Vietnam Veterans of America Tidewater Chapter 48 HRCVO 09/01/2022
Verify Convention Center will be OPEN. Dan Doyle HRCVO 09/01/2022 7:00 AM
Verify 17th St/Atlantic Avenue Rest Rooms will be OPEN. Dan Doyle HRCVO 09/01/2022 Resort management will try
Determine Parking Scheme Dan Doyle HRCVO 09/01/2022
Determine Parade Master of Ceremonies Dan Doyle HRCVO 09/01/2022 Lanny White
Coordinate Parade Sound System Bob Freitag HRCVO 09/01/2022 Virgil
Determine Box Lunch Requirements HRCVO 09/01/2022 44
Determine Car Providers HRCVO 10/01/2022 In Progress
Schedule Parade Marshal Training Session Dan Doyle HRCVO 10/01/2022
Parade Applications Due HRCVO 10/01/2022
Street Construction Update HRCVO 10/01/2022 Check Height Restrictions (Busses)
Determine Reviewing Stand Seating Dan Doyle HRCVO 10/15/2022
Draft Parade Script HRCVO 10/15/2022
Determine Parade Lineup HRCVO 10/15/2022
Determine Car Lineup HRCVO 10/15/2022 In Progress
Determine/Order HRCVO Awards Dan Doyle HRCVO 10/15/2022
Send Parade Lineup Notifications HRCVO 10/25/2022
Send Parade Script HRCVO 10/25/2022
Construct Number Placards for Parade Units Dan Doyle HRCVO 10/25/2022
Reviewing Stand Seating Plan Dan Doyle HRCVO 10/27/2022
Coordinate Show Mobile Set Up Bob Freitag HRCVO 10/27/2022 10 November @ 9 AM
Parade Marshal Training Session Dan Doyle HRCVO 10/30/2022
Pickup Water Vietnam Veterans of America Tidewater Chapter 48 HRCVO 11/09/2022
Show Mobile Setup Bob Freitag HRCVO 11/10/2022 Co-Sponsor support required
Mark Off Parade End Point HRCVO 11/10/2023
Mark Off Car Pickup Area HRCVO 11/10/2023
Mark Off Car Drop Off Area HRCVO 11/10/2023
Set up Chairs HRCVO 11/11/2023 Chair Company/Volunteers
Reviewing Stand
VIP Section Rope Off (bullets from storage) - Post Marshals
Water Distributed Vietnam Veterans of America Tidewater Chapter 48 HRCVO 11/11/2023 Band Area- Reviewing Stand- VIP Seating Area- Parade Marshals
Marshals at Parade Lineup Area Dan Doyle HRCVO 11/11/2023 All Marshals have entire parade lineup
Marshals at Parade End Point HRCVO 11/11/2023
Marshals at Car Drop Off Area HRCVO 11/11/2023
Send all VIP Cars to Lineup spot HRCVO 11/11/2023
Start Parade Dan Doyle HRCVO 11/11/2023
Lessons Learned Review Dan Doyle HRCVO 11/22/2023
Mail Thank You Letters Dan Doyle HRCVO 12/15/2023
Area Chairmen:
Parade Marshals Dan Doyle
Show Mobile Bob Freitag
Luncheon Venetta Charles
Logistics Mike Maliniak
Car Coordinator
Rifle Salute Mike Maliniak
Press Coverage Bob Randall
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