Parade of Boats and Fish Fry

The upcoming patriotic Parade of Boats/Fish Fry joint fundraiser by the Alaska Battle Dawgs and Montero Medical Missions on Sunday, May 29, 2022, is on track. Dignitaries will be invited including Gov. Glenn Youngkin who recently stated that he will be happy to be at the helm if no scheduling conflict with children’s graduation, and if allowed to fry the fish. The proceeds will benefit the 650 acres camp clinic in Talkeetna, to heal our suffering veterans diagnosed with TBI and PTSD. The combined naturopathic and homeopathic medicine clinic thru the initiative of Deb Wood, Ph.D., ND, and MMM respectively will be anchored with an HBOT chamber and hopefully be wholly operational on or before year’s end. Non-profit Alaska Battle Dawgs which runs the clinic was started by a couple, Col. Jennifer Casillo as Founder/President and Rick Casillo, its CEO. A new VIP lodge is its current main project which will also house the clinic. We welcome all boaters, sailors and many of you to participate, to make this annual event the envy of the country.
* The MMM-Chesapeake Care Clinic joint Dental Care project for veterans in need is on solid footing. All veterans are welcome, and those that don’t qualify for the clinic’s financial poverty requirements are listed and given appointments for upcoming quarterly Dental Health Fairs, usually on a Saturday.
* MMM continues to receive grateful, joyful acknowledgments from recipient Elementary Schools, Foundations in the Philippines of our continued sustainable Educate the Children and Technology Donation projects. Without salaried employees since its inception, MMM exudes volunteerism at its best. We are always welcoming of everyone’s insight and input on how to make this world a little better.

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